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2.4 Inch TFT Display

7,000 FCFA

2.4 inch TFT display for Arduino and Raspberry.2.4 "LCD TFT Display ModuleColorful, 18-bit 262,000 d..

3.95 Inch TFT Display

8,000 FCFA

3.95 Inch TFT Display For Arduino and RaspberryDimension: 3.95 inchesController: R61581Resolution: 4..

7.0 inch TFT 800x480 Hdmi Touch Screen

55,000 FCFA

This 7.0 inch touch screen with HDMI and USB input is specifically designed for respberry pi. It all..

Oled display

5,000 FCFA

This display communicates with a microcontroller (Arduino, etc.) via the SPI bus, with high brightne..

Raspberry 800X480 7 inch screen

22,000 FCFA

7 Inch TFT LCD With HDMI Screen Display Module For Pcduino Banana Pi Raspberry Pi 800x480..

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