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Development Programmer/Debugger PICKIT2

15,000 FCFA

The PICkit™ 2 Development Programmer/Debugger is a development tool with an easy to use interface fo..

Programmer for ATtiny

2,000 FCFA

Programmer for ATtiny13A / ATtiny25 / ATtiny45 / ATtiny85..

Programmer of the ESP8266

3,500 FCFA

This module is responsible for converting the USB interface to match the ESP serial module one...


5,000 FCFA

This is a UART TTL to RS485 converter that is used in industrial environments and reduces interfer..

USB / TTL microcontroller programmer

2,500 FCFA

The USB / TTL programmer allows you to program the microcontrollers and communicate with the UART pr..

USB to RS232 converter

5,000 FCFA

USB 2.0 to Serial RS232 DB9 Converter...

USB to RS485 Converter

2,500 FCFA

L includes the FTDI USB to FTDI serial interface IC, the FT232RQ, which handles all USB signaling an..

USB to TTL converter

3,500 FCFA

This module allows to download the firmware in a microcontroller...

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