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Arduino Modules

2.4GHz Transceiver Module nRF24L01

2,000 FCFA

Transceiver module based on nRF24L01 allowing to realize a 2.4 GHz wireless link. It communicates wi..

650nm Laser sensor Module

2,500 FCFA

DC 5V 650nm PCB Module Laser Diode • Made of PCB materials, light weight • Excellent accessory fo..

Arduino and XBee Adapter for Raspberry pi

17,000 FCFA

Arduino is a vast ecosystem and there is a way to interface it with the GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi to..

Arduino Sensor shield

5,000 FCFA

This board for Arduino ™ UNO (or compatible) module is specially designed for rapid evaluation and p..


2,500 FCFA

This battery level indicator has a power supply of 3 to 9V, visualization on 5 LEDs, a circuit KA22..

Camera Module ov7670

5,000 FCFA

This 2.8V powered module has a camera with a resolution of 300KPixels in VGA (640x480 and supplied 3..

Color Recognition Module

3,500 FCFA

Color Sensor TCS3200• Power: 2.7 to 5.5 V• Interface: Digital TTL• Communicates directly with the mi..

Current Sensor ACS712

6,000 FCFA

Based on the Allegro ACS712, this sensor is connected in series with the load on an alternating circ..

Direct Current (DC) motor + wheel

4,000 FCFA

DC motor + wheel for car chassis..

Dual Axis Joystick Module

2,500 FCFA

Joystick module based on 2 potentiometers (X and Y axes) and a pushbutton for specific applications...

Ethernet Module ENC28J60

5,000 FCFA

The module enc28j60 allows to connect its arduino to its local network and to access the internet...

Infrared remote control for Arduino and Raspberry pi

2,500 FCFA

Remote control + infrared receiver + electronic card..

Keyboard Matrix Module

1,500 FCFA

Keyboards 16 keys for Arduino or raspberry Pi..

L9110S H Stepper Motors Dual DC Controller Card

3,000 FCFA

L9110S H-Bridge Motor Stepper Motors Dual DC Controller Card Driver.   It is a module tha..

Long distance NRF24L01 with antenna up to 1100 meters

12,000 FCFA

Used for long-distance data transmission..

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