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Motor Drivers

4 Switch Channels MOSFET IRF540

5,500 FCFA

Can be used to control high power DC devices such as lights and motors...

L293D Motor Driver Module

3,000 FCFA

L293D Motor Drive Shield is a monolithic, high current, 4-channel (H-bridge) high-voltage integrated..

L9110S H Stepper Motors Dual DC Controller Card

3,000 FCFA

L9110S H-Bridge Motor Stepper Motors Dual DC Controller Card Driver.   It is a module tha..

Module IRF520 MOSFET

1,500 FCFA

Arduino Raspberry MOS IRF520 FET Driver Module..

Servo Support

1,000 FCFA

This support makes it easy to mount a servo motor on any platform. You can also use it to turn it in..

step by step Motor Driver

2,500 FCFA

H-Bridge Driver (L9110) for the control of 2 step by step motors..

Ultrasonic moduleHC-SR04 + SG90 servo motor + FPV nylon dedicated PTZ

5,000 FCFA

Ideal for robotic systems.Package Includes:1 X ultrasonic module1X9g servo SG901 X FPV nylon dedicat..

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