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7.0 inch TFT 800x480 Hdmi Touch Screen

55,000 FCFA

This 7.0 inch touch screen with HDMI and USB input is specifically designed for respberry pi. It all..


6,000 FCFA

This camera allows you to shoot 5-megapixel images with a simple connection through a plug on all r..

HDMI cable

5,000 FCFA

The HDMI cable (High Definition Multimedia Interface) concentrates in one the equivalent of 8 audio..

Mini 2.4G Wireless Keyboard for Raspberry Pi 3

13,000 FCFA

Mini 2.4G Wireless Keyboard for Raspberry Pi 3..

Official Case Raspberry Pi B+, 2 and 3

5,000 FCFA

The housing mounts quickly and protects your Raspberry thanks to its rugged construction with LED p..

Raspberry 800X480 7 inch screen

22,000 FCFA

7 Inch TFT LCD With HDMI Screen Display Module For Pcduino Banana Pi Raspberry Pi 800x480..

Raspberry charger

3,500 FCFA

To properly equip your Raspberry pi, choose the official Raspberry pi3 power supply With the new Ra..

USB 2.0 Bluetooth Adapter C QJY99

4,000 FCFA

The USB 2.0 Bluetooth Dongle is a fast and economical solution that enables Bluetooth wireless commu..

WIFI key

2,500 FCFA

The USB 2.0 Wireless N Adapter lets you connect your laptop or desktop computer to any wireless N ne..

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