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Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT11

2,000 FCFA

Digital Temperature and Humidity SensorFeatures:   1.DHT series numeric humiture sens..

DS18B20 digital temperature sensor

3,500 FCFA

DS18B20 digital temperature sensor with stainless steel cover and 50 cm quality wiring. He owns:A d..

Flame detector YG1006

3,000 FCFA

It is a detector based on the sensor allowing the detection of a flame or any other light sources. I..

Humidity and temperature sensor DHT22

3,500 FCFA

The DHT22 is a low-cost sensor to acquire ambient temperature and humidity in a digital way. It uses..

LM35 Temperature Sensors

1,000 FCFA

The LM35 temperature sensor is an analog temperature sensor manufactured by Texas Instruments. It is..


2,500 FCFA

This sensor is equipped with a protective or mounting sheath to form a temperature probe, and this ..

Set of 37 Arduino sensor

12,000 FCFA

37 modules included..

Temperature Sensor 18B20

1,000 FCFA

The DS18B20 digital thermometer provides 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius temperature measurements and has an..

Thermistor temperature sensor

1,500 FCFA

Arduino 3-pin digital thermistor temperature sensor...

W1209 Mini Thermostat with cover

2,500 FCFA

W1209 Mini Temperature Thermostat, Temperature Controller with Power Switch with cover..

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