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Camera Module ov7670

5,000 FCFA

This 2.8V powered module has a camera with a resolution of 300KPixels in VGA (640x480 and supplied 3..

Color Recognition Module

3,500 FCFA

Color Sensor TCS3200• Power: 2.7 to 5.5 V• Interface: Digital TTL• Communicates directly with the mi..

Color Sensor RGB

2,000 FCFA

Modules Three color RGB for arduino..

Fingerprint Recognition Module

12,000 FCFA

Fingerprint Recognition Module..

Infrared motion sensor

3,000 FCFA

Small, precise and reliable module for automatic triggering, compatible with Arduino boards..

Infrared obstacle sensor

2,000 FCFA

The detection distance of this module is 2 to 60 cm, the detection angle is 35 °...

Infrared Receiver

200 FCFA

Theoretically the reception distance is about 5-8 meters, but the practical application depends on t..

LDR photoresistance

100 FCFA

A photoresistance is an electronic component whose resistance varies according to the quantity  ..

Optical Reflection Sensor

100 FCFA

Photoelectric Sensor TCRT5000L Infrared Reflection..

Set of 37 Arduino sensor

12,000 FCFA

37 modules included..

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