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Integrated circuits

6 channels Schmitt trigger 74HC14

250 FCFA

Schmitt Trigger, 6 channels, DIP14..

Amplifier Op OP07 or LM 607 CN

200 FCFA

Amplifier Op with very low offset voltage..


250 FCFA

The CD4017 is a decimal counter that has a clock input CLK and ten distinct outputs Q0 to Q9, Which ..

Controller PWM TL494

250 FCFA

Pulse width modulation controller for power supplies, detectors and other...

Inverter 74HC04

250 FCFA

6 logic inverters..


200 FCFA

Quadruple Op Amplifier..


100 FCFA

Dual Operational Amplifier..

LM386 Audio Power Amplifier

200 FCFA

The LM386 is an amplifier that is only powered on a battery.Its output works with an 8 Ohm HP and ca..


200 FCFA

It is an electronic amplifier which amplifies a difference of electric potent present at its inputs..

MAX 7219

2,000 FCFA

The MAX7219 is an excellent chip capable of controlling up to 8 digits of 7 segments or 64 independe..

Motors Controller L293

800 FCFA

DESCRIPTION: L293 L293 Designed to work perfectly with arduino.The Arduino shield for Motor inc..

NE 555

100 FCFA

You may not know that, but this small integrated circuit with eight legs commonly called 555 is one ..

SN74HC595 Shift Register

300 FCFA

What is the Shift Register?Even before trying to use 74HC595 to multiplex leds, you have to understa..

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