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LM1117T3.3 LM1117T

350 FCFA

The LM1117T-3.3 / NOPB is a low voltage drop regulator with a 1.2V to 800mA stall of the charging cu..

Regulator AMS1117

250 FCFA

This is the same used on Arduino cards.This controller is capable of outputting voltages from 1V5 to..

Switching Voltage Regulators MC34063

250 FCFA

DC-DC Switching Converters, Step-Down / Step-Up Regulators, STMicroelectronics ..

Variable regulator LM317

250 FCFA

LM317 is the reference of a three-pin linear voltage regulator. It is a positive voltage regulator w..

Voltage Regulator 78L05

100 FCFA

Voltage Regulator 5V 100mA..

Voltage Regulator TL431

100 FCFA

The TL431 is a 3-leg parallel regulator with temperature stability for embedded and military applica..

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