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150 FCFA

The 2N2222 is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) used for gener..


100 FCFA

Small Signal PNP Transistors, 40 to 50V, Fairchild Semiconductor ..


100 FCFA

2SC1815 TO-92 0.15A / 50V NPN transistor low power..


100 FCFA

Product Details ..

5 Transistors BC547

500 FCFA

The transistor BC547 is a versatile and economical small transistor, ideal for all kinds of standard..

BT 139 800E

800 FCFA

Characteristics:Product Name: BT139-800E TO-220 two-way thyristor 16A / 800V Current, It effective:..

Dual Operational Amplifiers LM358 SMD

100 FCFA

LM258, LM358, LM2904, NCV2904, Single Supply, Dual Operational Amplifiers, ON Semiconductor ..

Low Power Transistor MPSA42

100 FCFA

Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT) broad range provides complete solutions for various circuit appli..


350 FCFA

The field effect transistor is a semiconductor component generally used to amplify or switch electro..

Mosfet IRFZ44

300 FCFA

Description:MOSFET, N CH, 55V, 51A, TO220ABCurrent, Id cont.:51AVoltage Rating Vds Max: 55VResistanc..


100 FCFA

Type: N-MOSFETPower: 400mWVoltage Rating: 60VCase: TO92Current Rating: 200mA..

Small Signal NPN Transistors 2N3904

100 FCFA

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TIP41C and TIP42C

600 FCFA

The electronic component TIP41C from Fairchild Semiconductor is a bipolar power transistor in a..

Transistor S9012

100 FCFA

Détail produit ..

Transistor 2N5551

100 FCFA

Product Details ..

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