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MAX 7219

MAX 7219

MAX 7219

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The MAX7219 is an excellent chip capable of controlling up to 8 digits of 7 segments or 64 independent LEDs. The chip performs multiplexing and 8x8 internal RAM to store the value of each digit. Only external resistance is needed to make it work. It works with only 3 pins. We can also control an 8x8 LED array with a single chip. There are a multitude of examples with Arduino microcontrollers and the like and their use is very simple.

    Controllable figures: 8
    Interface type: common cathode
    Supply voltage: 4V - 5.5V
    Pins: 24
    Temperature, operating range: -0 ° C to +70 ° C
Package content:
1xMax 7219

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