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1501Digital DC Power Supply

1501Digital DC Power Supply

1501Digital DC Power Supply

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  • 35,000 FCFA

Digital Font Dc 15v 1a C / Voltmeter-yaxun Ps-1501ad 220V

In addition to the PS-1501, an innovative device that combines power supply, radio frequency test and voltmeter, all these functions are realized in the same structure, and are ideal for performing electronic tests that work directly with mobile phones, possui no seu painel analogue display control? s, um for saïda voltage conference and outro for power consumption.

- Beside the viewfinder of the frequency variation, there is a 3-digit digital display used for both the display of the output voltage and for a voltmeter function (explained below). At the output voltage and regulated by a fine tuning knob (VOLTAGE), the power and voltmeter functions are only defined by a chave based on the breadcrumb control center (esquerda alimentação e direita voltmetro).


- Power supply with voltmeter PS 1501

- Current ranging from 0 to 1 amperes;

- Two independent analogue screens

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