Arduino Starter Kit

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Starter kit, developed especially for beginners interested in Arduino.

A detailed manual including a project presentation and source code can be provided free of charge. Contact us by mail to obtain the documents

1 x 5V stepper motor

1 x 5V stepper motor driver board

1 x 1602LCD screen

1 x Tri-color SMD

Big button 10

1 x Plug-in rushing (green bread plate)

1 x switch Level

1 x Bread Line * 651

5 x Small button

1 x Infrared receiver sensor

LM35 element 1

1 x Fire sensor

1 x Mercury sensor

1 x The photosensitive member

1 x RFID red plate

1 x Key

1 * 8 pin

1 x 5K adjustable potentiometer

1 x HHC small motor

1 x SR04 Ultrasonic

1 x Four digital tube

2 x A digital tube

1 x 8 * 8 dot matrix

6 x F5 LED White

10 x F5 LED yellow

10 x F5 LED Green

10 x F5 LED red

1 x Black rocker

1 x UNO R3

1 x White card

1 x USB cable

1 x Active buzzer

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