Current Sensor ACS712

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Based on the Allegro ACS712, this sensor is connected in series with the load on an alternating circuit and allows to measure the current which passes through the sensor. The sensor uses the magnetic field generated by the current (and hence the hall effect) to measure the current flowing through it. The sensor produces a DC voltage proportional to the current at the rate of 0.100 V / A (100 mV per ampere ). You can therefore read this voltage on an analog input of your Arduino.

Attention: this sensor is sensitive to the magnetic field, which allows you to make your lectures. Simply bringing a magnet closer to the ACS712 changes the output voltage of the sensor.

Note: It is important to make an empty reading (without current) to obtain the calibration value of the sensor.


  • Sensitivity: 100 mV per amp
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55VV
  • Power Consumption: 10mA
  • Insulation 2.1kV
  • Output delay: 5μS
  • Error: 1.5% at 25 ° C
  • Internal Conduction Resistance: 1.2 mOhms
  • Stable output voltage
  • Almost no magnetic hysteresis
  • Weight: ~ 2gr
  • Noise on ACS712 – about 130mA with filtering capability of 10nF. Noise can be significantly reduced by using a 470nF

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