Microcontroller ATMEGA8-16PU

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Improved RISC Architecture

130 powerful instructions

General Purpose 32 × 8 Registers

Fully static operation

Up to 16 MIPS at 16 MHz

Multiplier in 2 cycles on the chip

High endurance non-volatile memory segments

8 KB of in-situ auto-programmable flash memory

EEPROM 512bytes

SRAM 1Ko internal

Data storage: 20 years at 85 ° C / 100 years at 25 ° C

Optional boot code section with independent locking bits

Programming in-situ by the on-chip startup program

Real read-write operation

Programming Lock for Software Security

Device Features

Real time counter with separate oscillator

Three PWM channels

Six channels, 10-bit precision

2-wire serial interface byte oriented 

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